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Feel-Good Travel Trends For the Fun, Savvy Traveler

Want a quick snapshot of the current travel trend landscape? Well, I didn’t figure you’d be much into stodgy facts, figures, and industry profits. Don’t you really just want to know what new things people are doing related to travel? I thought so.

Well, the travel train ain’t slowing down; on the contrary, though the economy has slumped the travel industry has barely skipped a beat. Go figure. Anyway, check out these little tidbits I found. Let them give you the idea for your next vast dream odyssey to go where few have gone before…! Sorry, I got a little carried away for a moment.

Vintage Train Journeys

How To Stay Safe As A Solo Traveler

Several people like traveling, but the thought of traveling alone stops them from going on an adventure. The reason why people are scared of traveling is “traveling alone” but the good news is that you can travel as a solo traveler and stay safe on the road. Use these following few rules on the road as I have always followed them and had the best experiences of my life.

Trust Your Instincts
Always trust your gut instincts, if you are getting an internal feeling about something that is not right and it’s making you uneasy. Then don’t go for it, listen to your heart. This feeling with time becomes strong naturally as you gain more experience being a solo female traveler.

Never Be Scared Of Saying No
Never be scared of saying “No” your solo journey is yours to enjoy. So you decide what to do and what not to do, if somebody wants you to have another shot of whiskey and you don’t want to just simply say no. You don’t have to make anyone happy except for yourself.

Guide To Unlock The Budget Traveler In You

One common misconception most people know about traveling is it’s expensive. Buying plane tickets is heavy in the pocket when planning to go a trip abroad. Expensive gasoline is also one factor why most families or even individuals back out from a long drive to the countryside. Because of these factors, people tend to stay at home and plan their vacation when they receive their bonus at the end of the year. Budget is always a question when traveling. Realistically speaking, it is and always will be part of it. However, we can make things turn around and still live our dream vacation even if the times are tough. It’s only a matter of appropriate planning.

Here are a few tips that will help you endure traveling without spending too much.

Have a place in mind

Lonely Traveler – No Home, Sweet Home

One thing is for sure: family life is great and vacations with your loved ones is possibly the best way to share a nice time and to have great memorials of the places you have visited related to the persons you have been there with. A lonely traveler, for sure will not have this opportunity, but many others are opened to him.

Who a lonely traveler must be? Is it anything special you need to go around the world alone? I can say right now that there are no born lonely travelers, but self-made ones. Nobody is born to be anything. In other words, and more typically said, we are what we do.

To be a lonely traveler you need to gain confidence in yourself and from this everything else comes together. The kind of way society is structure nowadays is fighting to make the lonely traveler to disappear. But you know one thing? We will survive! Sure we will, because traveling alone has many advantages that can’t be left behind.